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Cosmic Egg [Deluxe Edition]

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  • The heaviosity flows freely on this new Wolfmother album. (Or is it heavitude?) But I like the fact that this is hard rock as opposed to Heavy Metal. In other words, it’s filled with loud and heavy electric guitars and high-register lead vocals, but the songs don’t bludgeon listeners into submission. For one thing, there’s a variety in tempos on the Egg — it’s not all freight train, sometimes it’s a limo. I hear some of what one of the other reviewers described as “more Sabbath than Zep” on the album, in songs like “10000 Feet,” but I still hear some Zeppelin in several of the songs too. My take on these homages to past “rock gods” is that Wolfmother maintains its originality while incorporating elements that worked so well for great genre bands in previous decades. It’s something I liked about Wolfmother before, and I’m still enjoying it with this new incarnation.

    Regarding the Deluxe Edition, it’s interesting to me that the one-CD version has 12 songs on the disc, but when they added the 4 extra tracks for the Deluxe set, they decided to split up the songs 8 and 8 (eight tracks on each CD). And the extra tracks are not just stuck on at the end, they are integrated into the song sequence with the original 12 cuts. So maybe the band is just presenting two different versions of the album? “Shorter” and “Longer?” I’m interested to learn more about that situation. Anyway, I’m glad I went for the Deluxe – the four extra songs sound just as good to me as the other twelve!

    Posted on December 17, 2009