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Cosmic Egg [Deluxe Edition]

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  • WOW, not sure how this record was gonna be. Loved the self titled for what it was, lumped in with the rest of the retro rockers when it came out, kinda same old same old but there were some good songs, but DAMN this record kicks A$$! so many great tracks. real maturity and POWER to these songs sorley lacking in today’s modern rock. If you love 70’s rock with a bit of a modern edge….you will love this record. Get the deluxe version, the extra tracks are worth it. you won’t be sorry! finally a real ROCK record that has the balance of hard rockers and mellow yet powerful ballads that swirl and uplift. Give this a whirl and expand your mind..Rhianna won’t mind kiddies.

    Posted on December 18, 2009