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  • This is a much more mature album but maintains the full on rock influences of their eponymous effort plus a little bit of adventurousness.

    The opener ‘California Queen’ is followed by ‘New Moon Rising’ and it’s not hard to see why both these tracks have been released as singles. From this great opening pair Wolfmother continue the hard rocking with ‘Sundial’ offering some Hendrixesque guitar. ‘In The Morning’ slows things down but only for a moment. Hardly time to catch your breath before ‘10.000 Feet’ and the title track have one scratching their head for another influence superbly executed. Think of Budgie circa 1972 and it is very difficult not to draw the conclusion that Stockdale & Co have been exposed to this brilliantly neglected British band.

    ‘Far Away’ brings a temporary halt to the sonic barrage with a beautifully crafted song leaving the feeling that you’ve heard this before but can’t remember where or when. ‘In The Castle’ opens with an almost prog keyboard intro and psychedelic feel before Stockdale hits his strapes again. The concluding track ‘Violence of the Sun’ is the most surprising with the band sounding really comfortable with one another playing a mix of jazz and r’n'b with ‘wall of sound’ drumming. This is a new improved Wolfmother which will please old fans and probably gain some new ones.

    A definite step forward while maintaining the appeal of their first album. The new line-up gel well together but as before AS is the core and driving force behind Wolfmother.

    Posted on March 15, 2010