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Cosmic Egg

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  • Here’s a band that pays homage to the “rock god pose” all along
    Wolfmother comes back after the nonstop touring during 2006/2007 and after some lineup changes. The only one remaining from the original power trio members is their front man/guitarist; Andrew Stockdale.

    Cosmic Egg delivers just as much power as its predecessor self titled “wolfmother”; it contains instant rock staples as the debut album did, but proves that during all that touring his main composer endured much more as a song composer and not just as a riff genius.
    What this means is that the “filler” of this record is way better that the first album.

    Standout cuts are: “California Queen”, “White Feather”, “Pilgrim” and “10.000ft.”

    Sure you get all the myriad of sounds from the influences that plague this band: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Yes, Free…you name it. But for a change and a boast of freshness sure “old feels good”

    Long live to Arena Rock and all the good rock from 1975 through 1979

    Posted on March 15, 2010