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  • “Dear…”a kids review”,

    Im not sure whether you wrote your review just to see what people will say about it. But assuming that it is an honest review and what you wrote is honestly how you feel…well..allow me to retort sir.

    First off…you talk about two other bands that are so great and so original compared to wolfmother in your review. You speak of the White Stripes as if they are brand a spankin new band. They have been around since (from what im guessing)you were wearing diapers son. Dont get me wrong, i love the white stripes. But your comparison to Wolfmother is ridiculous to say the very least!

    And then you speak of this band called “the answer”…as if they are sooo mf’ing original??? I actually took your word for it and looked up this answer band…wow! You have the freakin nerve to talk about wolfmother and how they try to rip off everyone off. NO lie…i listened to “The Answer” and i knew every single drum beat and guitar chord that was going to be played ten seconds before it even came. Very, very, very…predictable and unoriginal. Sorry sir.

    To get on with this review…I will be the first to admit that im not very good at describing how a certain group is good and what it is that makes them good, but I have to say…this cd is verrrry good.

    If you heard the first wolfmother cd…this is more of the same, but more evolved. It seems as if he grew as a musician. It is still the very best of Black Sabbath and Led Zep combined….but even better that the last one.

    If you even remotely like the first wolfmother cd…you will be blown away by this cd. Its five times better than the last one in my opinion.

    No…its definitely not groundbreaking or something that none of us have ever heard before…but it is a DAMN GOOD CD!

    This cd impressed me alot. My advice…check this cd out…I dont see how you could regret it!!!

    Posted on March 15, 2010