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Cosmic Egg

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  • Their first album may have landed in 2006, but three years later, the band already has a great deal of history and a new lineup. Wolfmother originally started as a power trio out of Australia fronted by singer and guitarist Andrew Stockdale with Chris Ross on bass and organ and Myles Heskett keeping them together on drums. Their debut CD reached number twenty two on the Billboard charts after drawing comparisons to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin among other notable 60s and 70s hard rock heavyweights. In 2007, Wolfmother even won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance for their song “Woman.” After headlining festivals and selling out large venues all over the world, Ross and Heskett left the band in 2008 leaving Stockdale as the only remaining member.

    After what seemed like ages for classic rock starved fans, Wolfmother is back with a sophomore release that is even better than their debut. With howls resembling Robert Plant at the peak of his career and riffs rotating between Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and White Stripes influences, Andrew Stockdale has proven he was the driving force behind Wolfmother from the very beginning. His new band consisting of Ian Peres on bass and keyboards, guitarist Aidan Nemeth, and Dave Atkins on drums compliments Stockdale’s style perfectly. Where Wolfmother’s first album often felt rough around the edges, their new release is polished to an incredible shine. The punk influences heard on songs like “Apple Tree” are less apparent on Cosmic Egg, but can still be heard in songs like “White Feather.”

    Cosmic Egg excels in maintaining consistently catchy and impressive rock from beginning to end. The lead single “New Moon Rising,” the Zeppelin-esque “10,000 feet,” and the slower tempo “Far Away” may be stand out tracks, but the album is excellent straight through. When I first listened to this album, I thought it was an overall excellent release, but a few of the tracks felt out of place. I then realized these were the additional tracks found exclusively on the Deluxe Edition. Take those four extras out and Cosmic Egg is truly an album to remember. If you find the majority of your favorite artists are now over the age of 50, I highly recommend you give Wolfmother a try. They had one of the best debuts in a long time, but with Stockdale’s new lineup of definite talent, Wolfmother has only gotten better and will hopefully continue to make music for many years to come.

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    Track Suggestion: New Moon Rising

    Posted on March 15, 2010