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  • This is one of the best death metal albums I’ve ever heard. They have the sickest rhythm section ever! The drummer is just mad-crazy on this album, and the bass player actually STANDS out, which most other bands’ bassists usually fail to do. Plus he’s playing a 6-string FRETLESS. I’m pretty sure he spent lots of time arranging his parts in this album (of course the same applies to all other members as well, haha). And the guitar work, pure beauty, if that can be used to describe a death metal album. Where lots of bands fail to be melodic AND brutal, Obscura shows them how it’s done. They are one of those few bands that never get too repetitive nor boring, but are totally the complete opposite. Their melodies just make you crave more and more, so hitting the pause or stop button is a very difficult task when listening. I rarely find a death metal album like that anymore… One thing on this album that’s a little different (in a good way of course) is in “Universe Momentum,” at about 1:04 into the song there an acoustic passage with some dark, atmospheric classical elements. I love it when bands put in the most unexpected twists such as this. It gives the song a new perspective and totally fits.

    As for highlights, I don’t have any. The whole album all the way through is solid, I could play the whole thing through twice without getting tired of it. If you’re into Necrophagist but can’t take their sudden changes in structure into these weird jazzy passages (which I personally like, but to each their own), Obscura may be more up your alley. As a matter of fact, I read somewhere that the drummer and one of the guitarists played in Necrophagist for a while, so that may explain their sound a bit. Also, when I listen I can also hear hints of bands like Demons and Wizards (intro to “Orbital Elements”) (yeah, an odd comparison, I know), Arch Enemy(?), and as someone mentioned in an earlier review, Death (most notably in “Incarnated,” the verse reminds me of “Misanthrope”).

    I definitely recommend this to anyone who a fan of the mentioned bands above, or for someone looking for something new to hear. This is an essential for every metal collection… Not just “death” metal, but METAL collections. So what are you waiting for?! Buy it!!!

    Posted on February 20, 2010