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Countdown to Extinction

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  • When I heard that Dave Mustaine wanted to remaster and re-record most of the parts on all the Megadeth Catalog, I always wondered if there was much to change in this album. As I heard I found out that there wasn’t much to do.
    While most of the other albums, specially the ones before this one, got the loads of reverb taken off, this album actually went almost the other way. The sound is almost slightly thicker. The guitars are slightly more “bass-y”, the bass is very slighly more predominant than the original and the vocals sound more mature.
    Still with great thrash moments (as in Ashes in Your Mouth), aggressive musical attacks (Symphony of Destruction), and driving songs (Skin Of My Teeth), the sound is very hardly different from the original. The album still features beautyfull guitar moments (Countdown to Extintion, Foreclousure of a Dream).
    Since this album was digital to start with the changes are not as easy to notice as in “So Far, So good… So What” per say. Still the little changes make the record better sounding, now is it worth the money? if you have the original, I don’t see why spending $15 on something so damn similar.
    The extra tracks help, they are fine, the new sleves and notes are interesting, but I still don’t think that they are worth $15, buy it used.

    Highlights: Ashes in your Mouth, Countdown to Extintion
    Lowlights: not worth it if you own the original.

    Posted on January 24, 2010