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Cover Your Heart & the Anvil Pants Ody

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  • First a little history:
    Wes Borland started as the original guitarist for that horribly lame band Limp Bizkit. After a few years of hating himself, he dropped out of Limp Bizkit due to creative differences. He would later try a slightly different side project Big Dumb Face, nothing overtly amazing either, allthough many would enjoy it’s odd sense of humour and intentionally rediculous showmanship. More recently, after nearly joing Nine Inch Nails as a tour guitarist, instead he (Borland) started his own industrial project called Black Light Burns. He has also recently been hired as the new guitarist for Marilyn Manson. Wes Borland, despite his “Limp” past is a tremendous musical talent that won’t be going away any time soon.

    My Review Of Cover Your Heart,Etc.,:
    There is not one original track on this album featuring Wes Borland’s voice, allthough there are seven original instrumental tracks at the end of the record. Not all of the songs covered here are done well, but a few certainly are….”Lucretia My Reflection” origianly performned by The Sisters Of Mercy is by far the best track on the record IMO. If you like electronica you’ll probably enjoy “Hungry Like The Wolf” originaly performned by Duran Duran. The song “I am The Sun” they covered by The Swans is pretty goth, dark, doomy, industrial,-verry Ministry sounding. A solid three stars, but not as interresting as BLB’s original material featured on the prior album ‘Cruel Melody’.

    Posted on November 21, 2009