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  • Bury Your Dead are one of the top 4 modern tough guy hardcore kings alongside Hatebreed, Terror, and Throwdown. If you like slamming riffs, tough guy vocals, and lyrics that will make you stand up for yourself buy this. After listening to this disc I couldn’t help but practice out some of my windmill kicks, my floor punches, windmill punches, and my overall Kung Fu style. Bury Your Dead has some of the most pulverizing breakdowns in hardcore, songs like Magnolia, Mission Impossible, and Mission Impossible 2 are just pure genius. If you thought Perseverance was tough, if you thought One With the Underdogs was tough, if you thought Haymaker was tough, let me tell you this you dont know the meaning of tough. Bury Your Dead has arrived to pump new life into the tough guy hardcore scene, now put your dancing shoes on and windmill kick someone in the face.

    Posted on March 16, 2010