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Cover Your Tracks

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  • Bury Your Dead are a pretty standard tough guy hardcore group. Heavy guitars, guttural vocals, breakdowns galore-nothing new at all. And yet, I find myself truly enjoying this album every time I give it a spin, which has been surprisingly often.

    Pretty much everything on this record is above average. The guitars are nice and pummeling, and a lot of the work is pretty good. One reviewer namedropped Meshuggah in an earlier review, which I found absurd at first, but I’ve come to realize that a lot of this record sounds like the more straightforward 4/4 stuff on Destroy Erase Improve with a football player instead of a robot on vox. Oh, and no solos of course either.

    The drums are good as well. Nothing Meshuggah-caliber this time, but pretty impressive for a hardcore band. Nice fills and double bass work compliment the pounding rhythm perfectly.

    Vocalist Mat is probably one of the best vocalists in hardcore to this day. His deep, tough-as-nails shouting achieves a great balance between brutality and clarity. He doesn’t bore or annoy me, which is more than I can say about almost every other hardcore vocalist.

    The lyrics are another highlight, surprisingly introspective for such heavy-handed music. Not exactly poetry, but as the opening line from “Mission: Impossible 2″ says, “I never said that I was a ****ing poet.”

    Probably my favorite thing about this record is the production. Thick, meaty, and brutal as possible: exactly how hardcore should sound. The dual guitars are captured perfectly, and the drums sound awesome. You can’t really hear the bass too well, but when can you ever? Oh, and maybe I’m just easily amused, but I think that naming every one of your songs after a Tom Cruise movie is pretty funny, especially for a hardcore band. What’s better than a bunch of sweaty kids in camo shorts shouting “Eyes Wide Shut!” or “Magnolia!” at shows?

    Maybe this doesn’t really deserve a four star rating. I guess it’s not exactly hard to stand out in a genre where Hatebreed is the standard, but Bury Your Dead’s Cover Your Tracks is both brutal as hell and a lot of fun. If you’re into Terror, Throwdown, Hatebreed, Hoods, et al, I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t love this record. BYD easily surpass all the aforementioned bands as well as nearly all of their tough guy contemporaries. If you’re not into hardcore, I’d understand and probably advise you to steer clear, but if you’re a veteran mosher, you NEED this.

    Posted on March 16, 2010