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  • I’m sorry, but it does. It’s all about image. I’ll get off my soap-box now, and talk about the album. The only thing that really gets me into this CD is the guitar work, and the drums. While VERY basic, it’s still brutal enough to get you pumped. I’m not a huge fan of the Hatebread style, and overlapping vocals. And the lyrics are absolutly TERRIBLE! Are you kidding? “You crossed the line from enemy, to casualty, the day you disrespected me.” That has to be the absolute LAMEST line in the entire album. And spare me with the whole “BURY YOUR F**KING DEAD” thing. And why the hell are so many songs about girls? Since when did “tough guy” hardcore have lyrics comparable to New Found Glory? “You’re not just all I have, you’re all I need?” Come on guys, lyricly the album is lazy, cliche, and just absolutly lame. The only reason why I’m giving this album 4 stars is the music is too good to not get into. Write some better lyrics on the next ablum, BYD. Until then I’ll just keep laughing and shaking my head. All around good fight dancing album.

    Posted on March 16, 2010