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  • Once again, the best metal band in the land has not failed die-hard metalheads…Coverkill by Overkill once again demonstrates that Overkill is a metal band fueled with desire, while still possessing a wealth of talent…Blitz and the boys are simply killer on this effort and it MUST join any true metalheads collection…Every song is heavy, and it’s obvious that the band made the choices for this CD very carefully…In my opinion, the best song is a cover of KISS’ “Deuce”…I’ve always dreamed of a metallized version of this song, and leave it to Overkill to make my dreams come true…Other highlights are “Space Truckin” by Deep Purple and Hymn 43 by Jethro Tull…I’ve always liked Tull, but imagine that flute being replaced by a crunching guitar….It’s all good! Once again the band is tight, and the production is great and Blitz is as strong as ever….How does stack up with Garage, Inc you ask? It doesn’t…This is the best metal CD of 1999!

    Posted on January 9, 2010