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Crack a Smile... And More

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  • I’m sure by now that everyone who wants to know the history of this CD, already knows it, so I won’t beat a dead horse by bringing up Capitol Records folly. The truth is that the delay may have actually helped this album. Following on the heels of the VH1 Behind The Music special, the 1999 Summer Tour, and the Greatest Hits album being certified platinum, Poison has some momentum going as Crack A Smile and MORE hits the streets.And what an album. Blues Saraceno is just amazing. One of the great talents on guitar in the world today. Every song on the album is awesome. From first to last this album doesn’t stop. It has all the best elements of old Poison, while not being old Poison. This isn’t the same band that did Talk Dirty To Me, but it’s not too different either. In fact they are better. I can’t remember the last time I heard a record that just rocked this hard, and was this good from beginning to end. The MTV Unplugged songs were unnecessary, and probably just a carry over from the Crack A Smile bootlegs that have been floating around. They don’t take anything away from the album, but the don’t add too much either. It’s a great album, and if songs like Tragically Unhip (ya gotta love a band that can and will ridicule Kurt Cobain killing himself!) Sexual Thing, Mr. Smiley and One More For The Bone get some airplay, this could be a huge album. This is an album, that if you listen to it objectively, with no preconception of “oh, it’s Poison, it’s gonna be lame” you will be impressed. It’s a must have for any Poison Fan, any fan of the heavy metal from the late 80’s and early 90’s, and should be heard by any fan of great rock. If people who hate Poison could listen to this, and not know who it was, they would love it. If the public at large wasn’t so busy TRYING to be hip, cool and current, this could be one of the great rock albums from the last 15 years. Unfortunately the album will probably not get that chance.So, to summarize, it’s simply amazing – an absolutely incredible album.

    Posted on January 12, 2010