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Crack a Smile... And More

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  • This is by far Poison’s best album to date. They seemed to grow up with every album they did, and Crack A Smile builds upon the bluesy feel of some of the songs on Flesh and Blood. It’s definitely a different sound than they had with CC as the axeman (less of the traditional glam rock guitar riffs). So, if you’re a die-hard of the ‘Nothin But a Good Time’ sound, you may not like this album quite as much as their older stuff. Although, you can check out ‘Face the Hangman’ which was from the ‘Open Up…’ sessions.Bret’s usual energy is displayed from the first track, and ‘Best Thing You Ever Had’ has become my personal favorite all-time Poison song. ‘Be The One’ is the token power ballad, and while its no ‘Every Rose…’, it’s a good song. ‘Sexual Thing’ and ‘Lay Your Body Down’ were included on Swallow This, so they’re nothing new. ‘Cover of the Rolling Stone’ is a catchy remake that had me singing it to myself for weeks after I heard it.The rest of the songs are pretty good as well, and they fit with the bluesy tone of the album. It seems that Bret is more comfortable with this style of music now that he’s progressing in years, and personally, I’m fine with that. I wish they’d bring back Blues and retire CC for good. Regardless, this is a great album, and I’d highly recommend it.

    Posted on January 12, 2010