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Crack a Smile... And More

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  • First Off….I think Mr. Krumrey’s review was excellent ( I wish more reviews were that comprehensive and well thought out ), secondly if I could have given 4 1/2 stars I would have but I try to reserve the five stars for…well the “perfect” album. I guess this would be classified a comeback album but seeing as how it is actually from the mid 90’s that probably not what they (Poison) would want to call it. Hopefully they can keep up the momentum they are sure to gain from this album….As far as the album goes … wow what an excellent guitar album, Very good change of pace with the ballads and as has been stated earlier some scant humor (with the soundbites at the beginning and the end of a few songs); normally I would not like that kind of stuff but on this album it works. As many reviewers have pointed out prior to this review this is basically a straight-ahead Rock-n-Roll album (tuff to find these days). If you like Poison you’ll love this album…and even if you are just a casual fan of the group (like myself) you’ll still get a great deal of pleasure from this CD. It’s nice to see all the extra’s thrown in too (tracks 13 thru 20). Hopefully they can come out with some new stuff….but from the looks of their website (C.C. Deville tied up in trunk- because he did not want to tour?) they may be following the same pattern as other 80’s rockers such as Ratt and Motley Crue in that, after years of being together (and then breaking up) they just can’t seem to get along when they do get back together. Oh well, enjoy.

    Posted on January 13, 2010