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Crack the Skye (CD & DVD)

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  • I was really looking forward to this album and was not let down at all but I still think Leviathon is still their finest hour,but Whoa this is a way different album indeed,gone are the deathlike vocals,what we have here folks is a way prog album like King Crimson or Yes or Rush gone more metal,even the song titles sound like Rush songs, would have loved to hear them do a cover version of 21st century schizoid man [ yes I know it has been done too death] {April Wine,Forbidden,Voivod,}to name a few,what we have here is like Ozzy singing a Rush album and it works fantastic the album just keeps getting better as it goes along and the last song [The Last Baron] is 13 glorious minutes of prog exctasy Fantastic

    Posted on March 5, 2010