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Crack the Skye

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  • I discovered Mastodon in an effort to find a heavy band like Tool, that didn’t scream all their lyrics or affect some doomy Halloween monster voice to get their point across. I love heavy riffing and chugging, but can’t stand the screaming, which is why I won’t give my money to Lamb of God.
    Enter, Mastodon. I got swept away with their amazing musicianship, and learned to dig the gritty vocals, and Leviathan seemed to be their masterwork, but Crack the Skye looks like the evolution and perfection of all the bands’ work before it, and the production, songwriting, and musicianship easily ranks this as a winner in Metal, Rock and Progressive, in one clean kill.
    If you’re looking to get into Mastodon, this is a great way to start, then get heavier and darker as you move backward. If you don’t like this album, there are plenty of other bands laying it down nasty and heavy that you can stick with.
    This album is a journey and a real gift to music at this time. So, what now with this band? Can’t wait to find out.

    Paully Walnuts-The Slackerprince

    Posted on November 11, 2009