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  • I’m not a big fan of Ted Nugent’s output from the last 10 years, but I love this album. Sure, Ted Nugent can be overbearing and downright itrritating, but if you can set that aside and listen to the music, there’s some real quality material here.”Craveman” starts of with the blistering, vocal chord straining “KLSTRPHNKY” and never lets go. While Ted hasn’t updated his lyrics, he has done a good job updating his sound. My favorite track has to be “At Home There”. Great vocals, a trance sound mingled with guitar — a great “road” song!While it seems that the vocals are set just a notch below the guitar work in terms of volume, it doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of the album. If you can get through some of the contrived songtitles (“Pussywhipped”, “Sexpot”, “Cum N Gitya”, and “My Baby Likes My Butter on Her Gritz”) and you’re a fan of hard rock — I think you’ll enjoy this album.

    Posted on December 2, 2009