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Crazy from the Heat

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  • Hey Robert, you Idiot! Dave did not rip off Louis Prima or the Beach Boys! The songs on this album are “Covers” you Moron! A few of the Original Beach Boys even did guest, back-up vocals on the California Girls “Cover”! If they were cool enough to sing back-up, how can you call it a Rip-Off??? This is a cool, 4 “Cover”-song EP. Its not Awesome, but it is very decent. Dave’s versions of all of these songs, have become fond memories, in their own right. In fact, yes, many people do associate Just a Gigalo/I Ain’t Got Nobody with Diamond Dave, far more than they do Louis Prima & Co. cause, guess what? Dave’s version flat out blows Louis’ away! That, and you just don’t hear a whole lot of Louis Prima nowadays. . . I suppose you feel that Hendrix ripped off Dylan with All Along the Watch Tower & the Beatles ripped off Chuck Berry with Roll Over Beethoven. Jeeze, give me a break!

    Posted on December 4, 2009