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Crewed By The Damned

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  • Pirates are an excellent subject for metal, as they themselves were aggressive and brutal, but as someone else who reviewed this very album elsewhere said we’ve had Vikings shoved down our throats for too long. Although I do enjoy my Viking themed metal even I need a change of pace once in a while.

    This album is an excellent blend of aggressive in your face thrash metal with a touch of death metal and a few quick sea shanties. The songs are never longer than you want them to be, the cheese factor one finds with the power/folk metal of Alestorm is nowhere to be found, and the production is quite good no instrument seems to overpower the others.

    The vocals edge into death metal territory with a growl that is never too gutteral to where words become unrecognizable, the guitar work is nothing anyone will likely be playing at guitar center as there isn’t any overly impressive sounding guitar wankery just great agressive thrash metal riffs and the occasional basic solo, the bass is solid with a good bass tone and is never buried in the mix like some bands do, and finally the drumming is fast and aggressive as it should be.

    Overall Crewed By The Damned is an excellent release and a wonderful debut album and while I have not yet heard the second album Back to the Noose I’ve heard it is just as good as this one and intend to purchase it in the near future.

    Posted on February 11, 2010