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Crewed By The Damned

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  • I’ve been a classic-thrash fan since the 80s… SWASHBUCKLE should not be compared with the likes of early ANTHRAX or EXODUS. They DON’T sound like them at all! While the music is ok, there’s nothing catchy or special about any of the tracks. And then there’s the vocalist… Just horrible! He sounds like he wants to be in a death metal band, not thrashing. Can’t understand a SINGLE word he roars and he’s never on key. Just crap on his part… This CD is headed straight to trade-in at my local music store…
    If you’re looking for some good, new thrash bands, SWASHBUCKLE isn’t one of them. Check out FUELED BY FIRE, MERCILESS DEATH, AVENGER OF BLOOD or WARBRINGER for a start. They won’t let you down.

    Posted on February 12, 2010