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Crimes in Mind

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  • Something of a minor supergroup in AOR circles this has to be one of the most talented bands ever formed. The nucleus of the band was Steve Walsh (ex-Kansas), who teamed up with Englishman Mike Slamer (previously with UK AOR/Pop sensations City Boy) who had moved to the States to further his aspirations. The debut Streets album was a good solid effort, produced by Neil Kernon, but it was this one that took the band to another level altogether. The songs on this CD are more dynamic and compare very favourably to material released around the same time by quality acts such as Foreigner…. The mood is set with a classic AOR opener ‘Don’t Look Back’, which pulses along in great style, followed up by ‘The Nightmare Begins’ a hauntingly atmospheric track replete with a huge refrain… Steve Walsh really stamps his authority on ‘Broken Glass’ while Slamer gets an opportunity to shred on ‘Hit ‘n’ Run’with some outstanding guitar threatricals. All the album’s tracks display extreme melodic sensibilities, like ‘Gun Runner’, ‘Crimes In Mind’ and the humourous ‘Rat Race’. But it was not to be; Streets as a band weren’t the commercial success Atlantic were hoping for, and it wasn’t long after that Walsh returned to Kansas taking Greer with him, while Slamer turned his hand to production. Bassist Tim Gehrt played with a couple of christian rock projects, Joshua’s fantastic ‘Intense Defence’ being the most notable. I’m sure this album will be on most AOR collectors lists..I’m replacing my vinyl copy pronto..

    Posted on January 23, 2010