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Crimes in Mind

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  • I can’t say enough about these two CDs, until now, all I had was copy of them on CDR that were badly recorded. If you like this album, the one titled 1st, is another strong release. Listen to the track Fire on that album and tell me it wasn’t ahead of its time. The only thing left out of the previous review, is the fact that Mike Slamer comes from a band named City Boy, another wonderful progressive rock band of the 80s. With 4 part harmonies. These days, Mike is doing lots of side projects with the Kansas boys and a few other rockers like Chris Thompson. But my favorite thing he’s done since Streets, is Steelhouse Lane, his own band. If you like this guitar work, I suggest you pick the two CDs they’ve released, up. Metallic Blue and Slaves of the New World. Solid great guitar work. But, to end this review, make sure you pick these two up for your collection, if you are a Kansas/Steve Walsh fan, or a City Boy fan at all. The only thing different I have to disagree with in the review above, is I love the track Hit And Run, its a great workout tune… Enjoy! David Davis

    Posted on January 23, 2010