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Crippled Lucifer

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  • slow, heavy and crushing. featuring some of the oddest vocals of the genre that range from a tonal snarl to a wraith-like shout that drags on endlessly. you cant help going ‘what the hell !!??’ once the vocals slice in, but once you’re past that , you wouldnt imagine the vocals any other way.
    as one reviewer rightly mentioned, the minutes flow by until you look at the track timer clocking well past 8 minutes; where bands like Reverend Bizarre bore the hell out of me with long tracks that feel even longer then they are, this doesnt happen with Burning Witch. how this is achieved i cannot know but in the end,the atmosphere of a song like ‘warning signs’ will forever stay chained to your soul as a mental image synonymous to the words ‘despair’, ‘hopelessness’ and most importantly, ‘doom’.

    Posted on January 29, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is the darkest album i have ever heard. the sound envelopes you, swallows you whole. the guitar is drenched with low frequency distortion, the bass rumbles for an eternity, the drums keeps the slow time signature. This is trance music.the shortest song is close to 7 minutes while the longest is about 15 but time seems to disappear when i listen to this cd.

    Bottomline: If you want so dark trance inducing music look no further.

    Posted on January 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If you like to absorb yourself in painfully slow, sludgy sonic darkness you will be into this. Edgy 59’s vocals are pure raw tortured emotion. So glad they re-released. The cd (2 cd’s) comes with a great little booklet of art, photos and lyrics.

    Posted on January 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now