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Cross Purposes

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  • In 1994, Ozzy, Dio, Terry Gillam were all past tense. Tony Martin was at the helm of Black Sabbath along with original bandmates Iommi and Geezer Butler… sharing the credits in writing. 10 total tracks clocking in at approximately 47 minutes (liner notes complete with lyrics). Newcomer Bob Rondinelli is downright amazing on the drums. This is a slick and polished hard rock album. It definitely has a majestic/gothic feel to it with the storied lyrics and keyboards in the background. The 2 opening songs “I Witness” and “Cross Of Thorns” are diamonds in the rough as far as hidden metal gems. “Cross Purposes” sounds in the same vein as “Headless Cross”, “Eternol Idol”, and “TYR”… but it’s a stronger album song for song. Tony Martin resembles two of my all-time favorite singers… John Sykes (lead vocals/guitars with Blue Murder), and the dwarf Ronnie James Dio. Even better, you can probably find this on the bargain rack with the other Tony Martin Sabbath albums mentioned above. Fans of Sabbath, Dio and Blue Murder rejoice. Truly an underrated hard rock gem (5 stars).

    Posted on January 18, 2010