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Cruelty and the Beast

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  • While not as Heavy as “dusk and her embrace” or as fast as “the principle of evil made flesh” this is some of the most beautiful music i have ever listened to in my opinion. “cruelty and the beast” tells the story of a one Elizebeth Bathory from the 1600’s ( I apoligize if that isnt the exact time) Whom had a liking for virgin blood. It follows her from her Rise to her demise. Through Dani’s lyrics the story is wonderfully told. This is an album, where I can find something special about every track. I feel they really had a goal to set for themselves as a band when they recorded this album and I believe they reached it. Now I hear many whom aren’t fans of cof complain about the style of dani filth’s vocals, are they a little odd and unique? Yes. Now onto my thoughts on the tracks. I will not explain the concept of the album because chances are you already know it. So i will just give my personal opinions. Once upon atrocity – 4/5 I really believe cof trys there best with there short insturmentals and they are usually worth a few listens Thirteen autumns and A widow – 10/5 The 1st song I heard when I bought this album it truly blew me away. Cruelty Brought thee orchids 5/5 Definetly a fan favorite and for good reason I love dani’s style of vocals in this song. Beneath the howling star – 6/5 A beautiful song I love Sara’s (backing female vocals) In this song Veuns in fear – 3/5 Probably the only cof insturmental I have not been able to get into. Desire in violent overture – 5/5 Another incredible song I lvoe the guitar in this one, it goes from a heavy solo and it becomes more melodic throughout the song. The twisted nails of faith – 5/5 I love the lyrics in this one has a very eerie violin intro. Bathory Aria – 20/5 Truly an epic if forced to pick a favorite song on this album it would be this song. Clocking in at over 11 minutes its truly beautiful and a masterpiece. Portrait of the dead countess – 4/5 A good insturmental sets the mood for the final song. Lustmord and wargasm( the lick of carnivorous winds) – 6/5 Incredible song beautiful intro. The final chapter in the incredible story that is “cruelty and the beast” DISC 2 ( BONUS CD) Now, onto the bonus cd. (NOTE: none of the these songs are involved with the story, unless you count the redone version of Lustmord and wargasm) Lustmord and Wargasm ( therelicking of cadaverous wounds) – 6/5 As good as the origional. Nothing to say about this that I haven’t already said. Black Metal – 4/5 A good cover song Dani definetly did well here vocal wise. Hallowed be thy name – 20/5 Incredible iron maiden cover. Just incredible possiblly the best cover song I have ever heard. Sodomy and lust 4/5 A good Metal song not much else to say. Twisting further nails – 3/5 a DECENT remix of the twisted nails of faith. Seems to techno at points to be cof worth a listen though. In conclusion a beautiful album you will need to hear for yourself. Enjoy.

    Posted on January 23, 2010