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Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD – playable on all CD players) pressing includes two bonus tracks. Universal. 2008.The growling, choppy guitar sample that opens the first track here, ”It’s My Life,” is a virtual declaration of intent for the first Bon Jovi album in five years, a statement that they’re updating the sound without abandoning the traditional virtues that made them one of the biggest bands on the planet. So make way for a hi-tech parade of smooth-but-gutsy rock anthems, almost any one of which will gladden the heart of every AOR radio programmer in the land. Unless the world has changed irredeemably, cuts like the midpaced heartbreak chugger ”Say It Isn’t So” are destined to become Bon Jovi standards, while an outbreak of scarf-waving and lighter-flicking is certain to accompany any live performance of the big weepie, ”Thank You For Loving Me.” Arguably, everything on Crush is done by the numbers, but with consummate pros like Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora at the helm, these are the kind of numbers you have to take seriously, because by the second time they kick into the chorus of any song it’s damn near impossible not to sing along. –Johnny Black

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  • Crush, the new release from Bon Jovi, is not only one of the best albums in their collection, it is one of, if not THE best album of 2000. From sweeping ballads to energetic rock songs to orchestrated anthems, there’s something for everyone on this album. “Thank You For Loving Me” will be a smash hit, and probably the wedding song for the next 5 years. “Just Older” is a song that, if you sing along, will make you feel better about your life and circumstances, no matter what they are. Your feet would have to be firmly cased in concrete if you could listen to “One Wild Night” without moving. And then there are unexpected jewels like “Mystery Train,” a romantic lyric with a flowing melody and “Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars,” a rocker filled with humor and irony. As always, Bon Jovi is a band that will make you believe, whether it’s in a Higher Power or Yourself. Jon Bon Jovi’s vocals are mature and diverse, giving each song a character of it’s own. Bon Jovi’s message is positive and their songwriting and musicianship skills are concise. They are far and above the best American rock band. Do yourself a favor and buy this CD.

    Posted on November 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This could almost be hailed a come-back album for the BonJoviboys after their almost 6-year hiatus and the mixed results ofKeep The Faith and These Days. Don’t be fooled: Bon Jovi is still in fine form with gutsy yet smooth arena rock, feel-good anthems, flawless production values, gritty blue-collar (albeit sometimes clichéd) lyrics and Jon’s vocal sincerity (no matter what he sings, he makes you want to believe it)… It’s tried-and-true Bon Jovi… And folks…that’s GOOD. New Jersey was twelve years or so ago. Any artist has to grow, evolve and mature… What makes Bon Jovi worthy of being recognized is his/their longevity. They manage to remain relevant, fresh and contemporary without losing the core that makes them Bon Jovi in the first place. And they’ve pulled that off exceptionally well on Crush. There’s certainly enough catchy songwriting and addictive hooks and melodic ideas here to keep your head (and foot) busy for a long time. The patented melodicism and sing-along style is still here in full force. I do think there’s more depth and substance on this album than the balance of their work. The songs reflect a wider gamut of emotions and interpretation…and there’s more variety here in terms of instrumentation, rhythms and arrangements. It’s not “New Jersey”, but it’s close to being just as strong on its own merits.The modern rock influences do Bon Jovi good…they’ve gone beyond the typical arena-rock, anthemic formulas (check out “Say It Isn’t So”, “Captain Crash” and “Two Story Town”). But the groove and catchiness and memorability are still there…check out “It’s My Life”, “Next 100 Years”, and “Just Older” (in my opinion 3 of the strongest songs on the album). Better, more aggressive work from Tico Torres on drums, more colors and arrangements from David on keyboards, and more versatility from Jon. They’ve found a good balance here between staying fresh yet true to their roots.My only gripes: Ritchie Sambora, while paying more attention to arrangement, and musicality than flashy licks, is nevertheless too restrained on this album. There are places on “Crush” where Ritchie’s blues-influenced lead work and musical phrasing would have been much-welcomed. It would have been nice to hear a more aggressive guitar. When he does step it up, he delivers.And while Jon has improved, there are still clichéd, recycled themes and lyrics here. “Thank You For Loving Me and Two Story Town” come to mind….and to a lesser extent “Save The World”, though it’s a beautiful ballad and to me, even better than “Thank You…But all around a strong album that shows the rock greatness of Bon Jovi. Good stuff. END

    Posted on November 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Of the three biggest bands of the 80’s (Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison), only bon Jovi, somehow, someway, was able to maintain a sizable audience into the grunge-n-gloom 90’s with subtle shifts in style resulting in slick, adult oriented albums like Keep the Faith and These Days. They were both very respectable efforts but they leaned too heavily on Adult-contempory ballads and half-hearted rock, they lacked that ‘fire’ that Slippery when Wet and New Jersey kindled. However, after a solo outing, Jon Bon Jovi reunites with Richie Sambora, David Bryan, and co. for the first ‘Bon Jovi’ effort in 5 years. And it’s very well worth the wait. The best comes first; It’s My Life is bound to be the catchiest rock song you’ll hear all year. This song is absolutley classic Bon Jovi with an ever-so-subtle modern rock inflection. If the rest of the album borders into Matchbox 20/3rd Eye Blind territory sometimes (You’ll almost find yourself singing ‘Do do do, do do do do’ to the intro of Say it Isn’t So), so be it, but the band keeps their feet firmly planted in classic rock territory most of the time showcasing whale-sized hooks and the big, catchy singalong chorus they’ve always been second-to-none in crafting. There’s at least 5 or 6 hit cuts off this album should radio decide to pick them up in It’s My Life, the stellar Just Older, One Wild Night, and the ballads Thank You, Save the World, and Next 100 Years. Every other cut here is well-executed, with enough appeal at the classic rock and modern rock end of the totem to reach just about every listener out there. Bon Jovi hasn’t gotten old, just older (as the song puts it so eloquently). Crush alludes to glories of past (It’s My Life) and looks to the future with a bright eye. It also tips it’s hat to pure, decadent rock (One Wild Night). This album is on par with Bon Jovi’s best, and while it’s not quite as good as Def Leppard or Poison’s recent efforts (Euphoria and Crack a Smile) it’s bound to be more successful, because after all, to a degree, it’s still perfectly OK to say you’re a Bon Jovi fan. Albums like these show why.

    Posted on November 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After five years of hiatus, solo albums galore and certain *movie deals*, Bon Jovi are back with a vengence! “Crush” is a mixture of classic Bon Jovi at its best, and way more listenable than dreary, mellodramatic 1995 album “These Days”. Please don’t be misleaded by the first track – “It’s My Life”. The song sounds remarkably similar to their big 80’s hit “Living On a Prayer” (hardcore fans will notice that Tommy and Gina’s story continues), but the rest of the album isn’t the same at all. “Say It Isn’t So” sounds like something Matchbox Twenty would sing, because it does sound rather, well, young (I myself am still debating who would sound better singing lead – Jon or Rob Thomas..) but Bon Jovi pulls it off pretty darn well! “I Got The Girl” and “One Wild Night” sound rather victorious and will be great for rock parties. “Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars” is unique (and not just by title!) but enjoyable and fun. As for ballads, rest assure there are a few, and they’re good too! “Save the World” starts off a bit like their ‘94 hit “Always”, but has its own unique sound and will be great for relaxing – with your loved one or on your own, whilst gathering your thoughts. If this song gets released I’m sure it’ll be a massive hit.In a nutshell, Bon Jovi has managed to keep the old sound that we know and love, and adapt it to sound suitable for the fresh new 21st century. The band hasn’t gotten *old*, and track 6 explains it well: They’re “Just Older”.

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The five year wait is over! Bon Jovi are back and better than ever with new album, “Crush”! If you’re a die-hard fan you’ll love it and even if you’re not, you may be pleasantly surprised. It’s classic Jovi at their finest. Starting with “It’s My Life” and updated version of “Livin’ On a Prayer” for the new millenium, will get your feet moving and if you aren’t singing along by the second chorus, there’s something wrong with you!Their ballad, “Thank You for Loving Me” will be the next wedding song for many years to come and with songs like “Save the World” or “Mystery Train”, Jon and Richie’s harmonies are in top form.They’ve experimented with new songs,like the humerous, “Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars” or the visual of “Two Story Town”, but to great effect. Bon Jovi fans won’t be disappointed. This is the album we’ve been waiting for. I can’t stop listening to it! Thanks,guys for the great album! We love you and are glad you’re back for the Next 100 years!

    Posted on November 23, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now