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  • After five years of hiatus, solo albums galore and certain *movie deals*, Bon Jovi are back with a vengence! “Crush” is a mixture of classic Bon Jovi at its best, and way more listenable than dreary, mellodramatic 1995 album “These Days”. Please don’t be misleaded by the first track – “It’s My Life”. The song sounds remarkably similar to their big 80’s hit “Living On a Prayer” (hardcore fans will notice that Tommy and Gina’s story continues), but the rest of the album isn’t the same at all. “Say It Isn’t So” sounds like something Matchbox Twenty would sing, because it does sound rather, well, young (I myself am still debating who would sound better singing lead – Jon or Rob Thomas..) but Bon Jovi pulls it off pretty darn well! “I Got The Girl” and “One Wild Night” sound rather victorious and will be great for rock parties. “Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars” is unique (and not just by title!) but enjoyable and fun. As for ballads, rest assure there are a few, and they’re good too! “Save the World” starts off a bit like their ‘94 hit “Always”, but has its own unique sound and will be great for relaxing – with your loved one or on your own, whilst gathering your thoughts. If this song gets released I’m sure it’ll be a massive hit.In a nutshell, Bon Jovi has managed to keep the old sound that we know and love, and adapt it to sound suitable for the fresh new 21st century. The band hasn’t gotten *old*, and track 6 explains it well: They’re “Just Older”.

    Posted on November 23, 2009