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  • Crush, the new release from Bon Jovi, is not only one of the best albums in their collection, it is one of, if not THE best album of 2000. From sweeping ballads to energetic rock songs to orchestrated anthems, there’s something for everyone on this album. “Thank You For Loving Me” will be a smash hit, and probably the wedding song for the next 5 years. “Just Older” is a song that, if you sing along, will make you feel better about your life and circumstances, no matter what they are. Your feet would have to be firmly cased in concrete if you could listen to “One Wild Night” without moving. And then there are unexpected jewels like “Mystery Train,” a romantic lyric with a flowing melody and “Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars,” a rocker filled with humor and irony. As always, Bon Jovi is a band that will make you believe, whether it’s in a Higher Power or Yourself. Jon Bon Jovi’s vocals are mature and diverse, giving each song a character of it’s own. Bon Jovi’s message is positive and their songwriting and musicianship skills are concise. They are far and above the best American rock band. Do yourself a favor and buy this CD.

    Posted on November 24, 2009