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Cryptic Writings

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  • When this album came out I despised it. Where was the whole scene going? Well, now it’s gone and almost a decade later i’ve finally come to terms with it. Having discovered nothing new worth anything, I find myself discovering “over-looked” gems in the households of friends as we drink and build walls and try and forget the world of 2000 even exists. So we’re playing cards and my buddy throws in Cryptic Writings. Jesus, at least I haven’t heard it a thousand times. And man, by track five i’m like Holy S**t, this record is awesome. I can’t believe I ever hated it. I mean, I know why hated it. I used to be King Metal. But the world killed that guy. Starved him to death. Or maybe just into a coma. But the song crafting and flow on this album really is incredible. It’s actually pretty. This is music. Like Dream Theatre that doesn’t suck, and nothing like that actually, but the same feeling. As it flows into the final tracks, it starts to sound more like filler and loses the cool groove, but if this was a record of old, it would be A sides and B sides. Two sides of a coin. You could get away with a lot more musical freedom and exploration like that. Like every record was two mini-albums. I miss that. It’s so awesome that you can leave a band behind, leave em for dead, and years later discover this album they made. (…) My favorite band that no longer exists just put a out a new cd that rocks. I went back and listened to Youthanasia but it still sucks. Cryptic of course sounds nothing like early Megadeth, but it is really good music. If it had a different band name and a trend friendly image it would have been a monster success. Then again, maybe not. (…)

    Posted on February 10, 2010