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Cryptic Writings

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  • I agree with Mr. Costa. This is an exceptionally good album. So it’s catchy? Why is that a bad thing? If you want to listen to music with no recognizable melody, go buy some jazz. Just for the record, I have nothing against jazz. I’m just so sick of people complaining about how their favorite bands become too “commercial”. I just want to hear great music played by talented musicians. If it’s radio friendly, so be it. Just listen to all the Nu Metal crap out there. Those bands don’t even compare to Megadeth. Someone said this album is light on solos compared to other Megadeth albums. Well, most guitarists in these newer bands can’t even play a decent solo. People in this country have become lazier and lazier and this is reflected in modern metal as well. Dave Mustaine is twice the age of these modern “musicians” and he still rocks twice as hard to this day!!! He’s the hardest working metal musician of all time! How many other people could recover from a devastating injury and play guitar with the same intensity that they did 20 years ago? Cryptic Writings is a great album. It is one of the best albums from the nineties.

    Posted on February 10, 2010