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  • This album contains 4 Rust In Peace style songs, 4 Countdown to Extinction style songs, and 4 Youthanasia style songs (as said in the CD booklet). This album contains a good mix of light and hard stuff. If you like stuff from Countdown to Extinction on then you will probably like the album. If you are a PRE-Countdown to Extinction person then this album might not leave you fealing satisfied. The guitar solos on this album, although still good, do not shine as much as they do on Megadeth’s previous albums. The album starts up with lighter tunes where as it ends with some harder material. Certainly not their most technical album, but still contains a lot of great songs. I consider this album to be kind of a light-metal (although some songs do break through the barrier). I enjoy this album.

    Posted on February 10, 2010