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Cult Fiction

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  • Unfortunately most reviews done online for just about any form of media are done by amateurs. People who don’t seem to understand the work en which they are critiquing… this raises a huge problem for me in many aspects: first off, it creates an inaccurate depiction of the artwork, and secondly this is a problem because most people look towards these reviews in order to decide if the album is for them… so with that being said. This album is amazing, unbelievably thought out and if you don’t like it, that’s because you’re not supposed to. Decadent art is made to juxtapose the correlations between the beautiful and the vile. this lp is unmatched in beauty because of its decadent stylings, detuned and heavily-distorted guitar, nefarious vocals. southern rock infused with thrash-spazz… think converge/cursed meet cave-in/entombed and throw in a little grindcore elements at times and you’ve got Cult Fiction… now go kill yourself.

    Posted on March 12, 2010