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Cult Fiction

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  • I’m not the biggest fan of Hardcore, but after stumbling across Spitfire’s myspace page I was instantly intrigued by them, and their newest work of labor “Cult Fiction”. I pre-ordered it(something I normally wouldn’t do), on the sole merits of the song “Chemo Therapist”. That song brings out such a frightened claustrophobic feeling in me like no other song has ever done. It’s like helplessly watching a black buzzing wave of locust consuming a field… that your standing in.

    Spitfire really put thought not only into the music, but the whole package. The linear notes are full of grotesque and offensive images of sm, death, comercialism and a lot of snakes. The albums lyrics reflect on the darkness in our society, and moreover, the darkness in human beings.. Thankfully the music is far from the generic, and kept me interested throughout the entire listen. If I had to explain it, I would compare it too a fusion of the bands Neurosis and Converge. Extreme yet ‘out-there’. Saddly, this record seems to be getting less attention it deserves, and the cult is still small; so check it out if you’re into this kind of stuff.. and while your at it, why not convert a friend. “Spread the scent, mark your territory, you’re an animal” – The Animal Kingdom of Heaven’s Gate.

    Posted on March 12, 2010