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Damn Yankees

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  • Damn Yankees comrised of Ted Nugent, Styx’s Tommy Shaw, Night Ranger’s Jack Blades, and drummer Michael Cartellone. Their music blended elements of each member’s respected sound, These guys had terrific harmonies.”Coming of age” starts the album, it had a good video on MTV bck in the day. “Runaway” kicks off with a pleasant Nugent riff followed by Michael Cartellone’s underrated drumming. It’s a great uptempo tune with a rocking chorus.”High enough is the big hit you’ve probably heard once or twice, it’s infused with a nice violin arrangement. The title track “Damn Yankees” is excellent. It’s the name of the band, song and album, reminiscent of “Bad Company”, another all time great band name in song title tune.The ballad “Come again” contains a nice acoustic portion from Ted Nugent. Given his electric skills, he’s gone unnoticed in that field. “Mystified” rocks hard with a country twist.”Rock city” is obviously an ode to Ted’s hailing ground. “Tell me how you want it” includes a driving rhythm section and a great chorus. I think the song is from Michael Cartellone’s perspective, as he was the only one guys not rich yet at the time.Closing the album is “Piledriver”, which features a heavy, rollicking mainframe and some clever commentary from Mr. Nugent himself. Although they have put out a greatest hits compilation, I’d recommend the individual albums (There were only 2 of ‘em). As many of the lesser known songs are worth a listen. These guys were a supergroup, here’s hoping they reunite and step to world as a weapon sometime soon.

    Posted on November 23, 2009