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Damn Yankees

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  • I don’t usually use superlatives like I did in the title above, especially considering how such superlatives are overused in these reviews. That being said, this to me is the epitome of an INCREDIBLE melodic hard rock album. The main reason the album sold a couple million is because of the ballad “High Enough”, which for sure is a great song. But how about the anthem “Come Again”??? To this day this is one of the best songs I have ever heard. It starts slow, builds to an amazing cresendo, then slows back down at the very end. Never mind the lyrics–which I have had posted on my wall for a good 10 years. Tommy Shaw is at his best on this one. “Coming of Age” and “Bad Reputation” start off the album with two great rockers; Shaw and Blades truly show their chemistry here. “Damn Yankees” and “Rock City” flat out rock–I wish rock radio had picked up on these (not that any of these songs are heard anywhere anymore, which is truly a shame). And for sure, Ted’s only “lead vocal” song “Piledriver” is a Nugent classic–rocking hard and offsetting nicely songs like “High Enough”. This CD has such a wide variety of great melodic rock music. Warning: NOT for Nirvana fans would would rather dwell on their “hero’s” demise! Not for REM fans who actually think Michael Stipe can sing compared to Jack and Tommy. (There’s no accounting for taste, I guess.) This is for rock fans who listen to music for ENJOYMENT (what a concept!). Particularly for most Night Ranger and Tommy Shaw fans and some Styx and Ted Nugent fans. A MUST OWN for fans of melodic hard rock.

    Posted on November 23, 2009