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Damnation and a Day

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  • I will admit, i am not a HUGE cradle of filth fan, nor was i ever. However since roughly 1995 ive kept my eye on COF so to speak. Every album that comes out by COF caught my attention and i always ended up listening to a few songs, but never buying an album. I didnt buy them mostly becasue they were overpriced and hard to find and becasue i just never found a reason to buy one. but ive always enjoyed their odd charm. Recently i saw “damnation…” …, so i picked it up and after 3 straight through listenings, i can say that COF is a solid band. The first thing that i noticed was dani’s banshee’esque screams, which can throw one off upon a first listen, and the excellent song structure that the band posesses. One more thing that throws me off is the opera-like choir singing that at times soungs a little cheezy. However, if you sit down uninteruppted (like in a car ride) and listen to most of the album straight through. You will be taken on a excellent and interesting musical ride. The addition of a full orchestra greatly adds to the sound and the songs which are fair in length take bounds and leaps and are not repetative, keeping the listener enthralled for the whole 77 minutes. So, if you’re into metal and are looking for a completly different experience then this album is for you, but i must warn, that this album is not for everyone nor was it written for everyone. This isn’t a song to song album, but a full concept connected album covering everything from classical pieces to blastbeats and screams of agony. So if youre not a fan take a chance and you just might find a nice treat for your ears…and if youre a fan of COF this album will meet all your demands. Enjoy.

    Posted on December 11, 2009