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Damnation and a Day

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  • People who are into other extreme music, meaning not Korn or Disturbed, will find the utter beuty and sheer delight in listening to this epic album. This album is well written, well produced and well recorded with no shortcuts taken. You will find it overwhealming from the guitar riffs to the vocal acrobats that Dani Filth puts you through. The best thing about Cradle of Filth is that it doesn’t bore you with the popular and mainstream songwriting form. Songs actually build and have more to them than just an A and B section. the arrangements go beyond just your guitar bass and drums by adding a choir, orchestra and solo female vocals.So take this album home darken your room (or listen on a stormy night) and kick back with your favorite beer and smoke and enjoy the next 76 minutes for it will take your mind soaring with all the dark imagry it beholds.

    Posted on December 11, 2009