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Damnation and a Day

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  • This is the first Cd that i heard by COF. To tell the truth i really do like them. The CD from the first song to the last is like a horror theatric show done in music. I’m not much on alot of black metal and gothic metal but this band is in a catergory all by themselves. I like the style they present their music. I just got this Cd today and have heard it front to back. I was impressed considering i heard they are not really good and the screaming gets old. But Dani mixes everything up pretty good i think. They are the type that requires a taste for but i do like the way they put it together and for anybody that want a ride through the darkness then i say get this band and try them out. A real good starter for a person just curious about COF.

    Posted on December 11, 2009