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Damnation and a Day

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  • From the opening thunderclaps of “A Bruise Upon The Silent” which crecendos into a glorious chat and gregor accompanied by the philharmonics of a darker place, a void. Then “The Promise” explodes in your lulled existence with a force of earlier said thunderclaps. It rolls on with the sandstorm twists and confusions that fill the ears with a sense of urgent desparation. “Hurt & Virtue” bounces like a METAL STUDDED WRECKINGBALL tumbled loose from it’s chain and hammering upward and downward on the helpless concrete below. Gears shift mid song to a thorougbred gallop and winds you down an unlit road at neckbreak speed. Put on headphones and then close your eyes at 3:55 of track 3 and you can actually feel the music taking you down an old dirty winding road by horse carriage wheels bouncing on gravel at that aforementioned neckbreak speed! “An Enemy lead the Tempest” is pure technical death metal ala In Flames or groovier Six Feet Under. Double bass drums batters your ears in a stereo smackdown. An aural massage you can’t miss at 2:40 of track 4. The grandiose vision that is the theme of this epic is being fully realized by this point and like a good book you can’t put it down. By the time you get to the eliptical wrangling of “Thy Serpent Tongue” ’s opener sets you on a new journey than takes on more of an urgency from Tongue to the death metal of “Carrion” and through to the arrival of the Mighty Egyptian empire in “Doberman Pharoah.” Grand is this portion of the journey! HOLD THY HEAD DOWN WHEN IN THE PRESENCE OF THE PHAROAH! A serpent kisses your stunned lips as the Doberman visits “Babylon” and the sultry tempations of Babylon are dangled for the listener to accept or reject. “A Scarlet Witch Lit the Season” on your way through this journey but you run into the darkness that is “Mannequin” This is one of the true beasts on this cd. A metallic monster that just jumps on you and devours. A highlight. “Thank God The Suffering” in a lurching dragger than makes your white knuckles bleed. When we reach the “End of Daze”, the clouds open above the skies as the trumpets sound the coming of the days of revelations. This is not an end but only a beginning. The Journey may have ended but it is not permanent but only a respite. Cradle of Filth have left me pondering. It will leave you pondering the same. And you. And you. Hail The Filth! This is five star entertainment.

    Posted on December 11, 2009