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Damned in Black

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  • this album reminds me of carcass’ “descanting the insalubrious” in that it is a mix of technical thrash and maidenish breakdowns. the difference is that immortal inject a blackened edge to their music which gives it more aggression and venom than carcass could muster. by and large, this is a heavy metal album which might be criticized for ’selling out’ or ‘watering down’ the lightening winterish blast of immortal’s signature sound, but it’s their only album i have enjoyed unleashing from my car stereo. in short, it’s catchy and it’s the first ‘modern’ (black) metal album i’ve embraced. i certainly rate it higher than dark throne’s ‘ravishing grimness,’ which was my big hopeful of late. i very much enjoyed seeing immortal live at phantasmagoria in maryland just before the album was released.

    Posted on December 12, 2009