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Dance of Death

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  • Toss out all the grandstanding here — in favor of AND against Dance of Death. These facts are undeniable about the album:1. Bruce is awesome, but he’s 20+ years older than Piece of Mind. Give the guy a break and respect him for the badass that he still is, and stop whining about the badass he WAS because he’s not hitting the same notes…2. There are more 3 part harmonies here than on BNW. And the solos are a return to form of sorts, sounding more like “classic” Maiden than BNW.3. There are more longer, drawn out songs here than BNW. Harris would do well to lose the intro/outro disease and whittle down things a bit. When in doubt Steve, simplify. Simplify.4. Nicko’s song is no letdown at all! Let’s see what else he’s got up his sleeve.5. Maiden still have fire and passion, although Harris might be a tad too inflexible with his formulas. I don’t know the man and I wasn’t there during the songwriting to see if he really runs the show with an “Iron” fist as they say, but holy s**t, Chemical Wedding about blew my d**k off compared to BNW and DOD. I’d like to see Maiden take a stab at “changing musical directions” and experimenting with more visceral songwriting that’s free of overproduced embellishments. I get the feeling Adrian and Bruce wish they could “cut loose” more. However, the varied credits on this album suggest the winds of change might be blowing as far as the songwriting goes, so lets all reserve judgement until the next album is released in a few years.6. The question everyone is asking: Can the new revitalized Maiden recapture it’s glory, or should we be waiting for Bruce and Adrian to do another kickass solo album? The answer: Hey folks, lighten up and enjoy it all. It could be worse — they might have retired after the Blaze years. Give it up for these guys and all they’ve done for us and quit knocking them down.Buy the record. It’s great stuff. Or get in your camaro and put on Powerslave. Just enjoy the music and stop being so hypercritical. Enjoy it while it lasts!

    Posted on March 11, 2010