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Dance of Death

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  • Three years ago Iron Maiden released comeback album with Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith. It was massive success all over the world and showed that Maiden can still make good music. Now it’s finally time for new studio album called Dance Of Death. Dance Of Death has been a massive success all over the world. Iron Maiden is back on top again!Dance of Death is about war and death. It contains great songs about first world war and so on…1. Wildest Dreams (Smith/Harris) is first single from new Iron Maiden album called Dance Of Death. It’s short dynamic rocker from Mr. Smith. Wildest Dreams has became band’s live favourite and climbing up on charts. Maybe you have heard song from radio, seen it on tv or heard on the recent ‘Give Me Ed… Til I’m Dead’ tour? 2. Rainmaker (Murray/Harris/Dickinson) is next single from Dance Of Death. It’s again catchy rocker and the chorus is instantly memorable. Instant hit! ‘You tell me we can start the rain…’3. No More Lies (Harris) is first long epic song from the album. It’s mix between The Clansman (from Virtual XI album) and Don’t Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger (from Virtual XI album). The ‘3 Amigos’ make exellent solo work. 4. Montsegur (Gers/Harris/Dickinson) is very heavy song and it reminds a lot of Powerslave and Piece Of Mind. Starting riff is mix between Fallen Angel (from Brave New World album) and Losfer Words (from Poverslave album).5. Dance Of Death (Gers/Harris) is second long epic song feturing very powerful lyrics and great Russian vibe with symphonic elements. 6. Gates Of Tomorrow (Gers/Harris/Dickinson) is short rocker. Starting riff is like AC/DC meets Skunkworks (Bruce Dickinson solo album). Song itself features very catchy double guitar melodies.7. New Frontier (McBrain/Smith/Dickinson) took only about 20 years until we could hear song from Nicko McBrain. Song reminds a lot of Maiden’s early days like The Number Of The Beast or Piece Of Mind albums. New Frontier includes blistering solo from Adrian Smith.8. Paschendale (Smith/Harris) is third and last long epic song on the album. Inspiration of song comes from historic battle, this one from the First World War. Paschendale is huge epic song which meets Pink Floyd, Emerson & Lake & Palmer and so on… One of the most memorable epics what Iron Maiden have ever done! Including incredible solo works from ‘3 Amigos’ and amazing Bruce Dickinson vocal performance. ‘Blood is falling like the rain…’9. Face In The Sand (Smith/Harris/Dickinson) is very enigmatic and atmospheric song. It’s a very slow grower, but soon you find singing with the melody.10. Age Of Innocence (Murray/Harris) starts with Murray’s slow melodic solo and then grows into quite fast song. 11. Journeyman (Smith/Harris/Dickinson) is beautiful acoustic end featuring acoustic guitars, drums and strings.Dance Of Death is album like… It’s like… You don’t hear these kind of albums so often anymore. It’s made for those people who like great tales, long heavy epics and great melodies. Dance Of Death is album, that you could listen hours and hours again finding new elements. So find quiet place, take your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy. It will be memorable experience and you want do it again and again…

    Posted on March 11, 2010