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Dancing Undercover

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  • Ratt here produced a hardrock album that is quite interchangeable with so many second tier bands of their time. LA Guns and Motley Crue are both prime examples of similar contenders. However where Crue produced Dr Feelgood to shift themselves to another place, neither LA Guns nor Ratt managed a similar trick.

    But it ain’t all bad. Solid riffing and vox that aren’t great but at least suit the music and the whole album riding a hard rock, down and dirty groove are three things that it has going for it. Lyrically this is party hard rock with no excuses for wanting to have a good time all the time. With more luck this band could of taken off – I mean this is a better album than Motley Crues Theatre of Pain and on a par with most of Girls Girls Girls. Rather amusingly the band actually had a song on the soundtrack to the weird Eddie Murphy movie The Golden Child – Body Talk.

    Beau Hills production fits the music here, not totally clean and teflon coated but actually suited to the bands Ratt ‘n’ roll sound and the overall feel is that the band by this stage were seasons professionals doing a job. Yet that is also part of the problem. The hard work didn’t pay off and even by this stage Ratt were consigned to also-ran status unalbe to come up with the killer tune to breat the big time or generate the excitement the Crue did even when their music sucked.

    80’s fans should pick up this and Reach for the Sky as they are the two best and most accessible tunes of the genuine Ratt years (ie ignoring reunions etc) and they ain’t half bad slabs or party rawk rock.

    Posted on January 22, 2010