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Dancing Undercover

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  • Generally, in my opinion Ratt’s albums follow a decline from the beginning of their career to the end (when Robbin died, that was “the end” of Ratt in my opinion). Now, that’s not to say that the albums from the tail end of Ratt’s catalog are bad, because they’re not. If you like Ratt, all of their CDs are pretty good, but I’d say Dancing Undercover is about their 3rd or 4th best effort, behind the Ratt EP, Out of the Cellar, and Invasion of Your Privacy. Dancing Undercover and Reach For The Sky are both solid CDs, and Detonator is kind of a small step down from those. Crosby was still contributing to the material during this one, and Warren DeMartini’s guitar solos are breathtaking as usual. Even Ratt’s “4th best album” is better than most mainstream rock music and worthy of admiration from rockers of any age. If you like the music from the LA glam scene of the 1980s, or are into bands like Motley Crue, Skid Row, Kiss… Ratt’s Dancing Undercover is a CD worth checking out. Standout tracks: Dance, Body Talk, Slip of the Lip.

    Posted on January 22, 2010