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Dancing Undercover

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  • RATT’s third album “Dancing Undercover” (1986) sounds a lot like the first two; Van Halen/KISS derivative hard-rock with a lot of impressive, screeching solos, songs concerning sexual escapades and melodic, sing-along choruses. This time around, however, while the writing is still strong, the songs have a certain looseness to them. The album’s hit singles “Dance,” “Slip of the Lip” and “Body Talk” have a certain swagger, a groove that makes them utterly irresistible. The rest of the album is also quite good, if not as strong as the singles.

    “Dancing Undercover” is probably RATT’s most underrated album, and I would rank it my second favorite of theirs right after the classic debut “Out of the Cellar.” This isn’t mold-breaking profound stuff here, but it is good, solid 80s rock. There isn’t a lot of filler or obligatory generic power ballads on “Dancing Undercover;” in fact, there are no ballads at all. This album is ten songs worth of dated but totally fun, infectious pop-metal that fans of the genre will love.

    “Dancing Undercover” has the advantage of not having any of its singles played to death on 80s comps or “retro-lunch” radio programs, so for those that love 80s melodic hard-rock, listening to this album will be a fresh and rewarding experience.

    Posted on January 22, 2010