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Dangerous Toys: Greatest Hits Live

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  • If you were there in the crowd (at the Back Room in Austin, Tx.)as many times as I was then this is music to your ears. I’m just now getting this and it’s making a nice addition to my Toys collection. The first 7 songs are from the Boston show in Novemember 1989. Is this all from one tour? No, ofcourse not. The songs span all 4 albums from 1989 – 1995. Sound quality varies throughout. The track from the first 7 I enjoyed the most was Scared. That one felt the most like the good ol’ days. They’re not kidding about some songs sounding very ‘bootleg’(Best of Friends for example). But it’s still enjoyable and kind’ve like a mini-box set. And as time goes on the band seems to get more seasoned and polished (in a good way). Bootleg song or not you can tell they just kept getting better and better. Practice makes perfect. Overall, the album’s quality is pretty good though.

    Whether you’re a fan who has some or all the studio stuff and just wants more or someone who’s just getting into the band and want to check this out, you’re going to be pleased. I do wish there were more songs from the 4th album :) Minor quibble. I think it’s great that there’s something from all 4 albums.

    Posted on February 15, 2010