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Dangerous Toys: Greatest Hits Live

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  • Dangerous Toys weren’t exactly the most popular band in the land, but put out a few great albums way back when. And to expect a Live CD to be perfect is probably asking too much, but it does come close in places, especially during the first 5 or 6 songs which jump thump along and I love to listen to these Loud with the bass up and everything just sounds to me like a Live album.

    It does have some not so great recording on it, but if you have your stereo up loud enough the sound does come through okay, it’s a bit inconsistant in that it does seem to rebound a bit later on also. It kinda reminds me of the Saigon Kick Live CD which had similar perhaps issues with produciton/quality of recording, but was still enjoyable.
    I say just be glad this is out there, it’s a nice representation of their overall body of work and more often than not shines in some places. I prefer this version of my fave song by them “Queen Of The Nile”, and “Scared” sounds good too so you get a bunch of songs from their first record in great Live recordings.

    Posted on February 16, 2010