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Dante XXI

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  • I’ve been one of the biggest sepultura fans since i was a little kid (now 25)…it was hard seeing Sepultura breaking up with max and everything but there’s gotta be a moment where you gotta let things go….and even tho the past 3 albums weren’t “great”, i always thought that Derrick’s voice is really good.
    this album without a doubt put sepultura back to that pedestal where the legends gotta go….best album with Derrick and actually one of their best albums in their whole carreer….Arise always will be #1.
    trust me the money invested on this album is something you will never regret. an amazing album…..and the production is just fantastic….the guitars are not even this chunky and beefy on the chaos a.d album….you can feel the speakers shaking with the distortion.
    P.S: I know nowdays there’s drummers that are fast as a lighting and they sound like drum machines….but if there’s something about igor’s drumming….is that you can feel the soul of this guy in every single note, maybe he’s no the fastest….or a blast beat for 30 minutes….but for me….one of the best and most creative drummers ever.

    Posted on March 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Their finest work in 10 years! This record is a concept record, much like Zao’s ‘Liberate to ex inferus’ about Dante’s Divine Comedy, however unlike Zao, Sep stepped it up and made a very technical release. This is most definetly the best Derrick era release, featuring Andreas making some very technical chug patterns in songs like “Dark wood of Error”(has a very dominating Meshuggah-ish style to it) and “Fighting On”(2 of my favorites). The record tends to get more melodic as it continues on, with the lyrics following the passage of each of the 7 layers with songs like “Ostia”. Other releases seam like they masked Paulo and Igor’s playing, but on this record it’s definetly all equal in the mix with Andreas. I can only see good things for the Seps with this record. Forget about who used to be in this band and start focusing on the fact that they are still making great cds. I’m giving this a 4.5

    Posted on March 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • In short, if you like metal and thrash, you must own this album.

    I’ve been listening to Sepultura since Schizophrenia, and, for some reason, that somehow gives me the feeling that I can say the following with a bit of authority: This is one of the best Sepultura albums of all time. I saw them live for “Beneath the Remains”, “Arise” and a few times thereafter (e.g., Tattoo the Earth). Andreas Kisser is simply one of the best metal lead guitarists of all time. The high-pitched yet earthly and “organic” leads on “Beneath” and “Arise” ‘remain unique to that Sepul-sound. This album builds off that unique sound. I’ve enjoyed this album tremendously. BRAVO!

    Posted on March 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Following the release of 2003’s “Roorback,” Sepultura have released their fourth studio album (and fifth disc total) without original frontman Max Cavalera. I must say I was skeptical when listening to the new album because “Roorback” was somewhat of a disappointment. But, after listening with an open mind, I can safely say that “Dante XXI” is doubtlessly Sepultura’s best release with singer Derrick Green (who joined the band in 1998), and also their best since 1993’s “Chaos A.D.”

    These songs definitely thrash with a great intensity, one that was missing from “Roorback.” The rhythm section no longer suffers without the second guitar; in fact, while listening to some of the songs, like the churning fifth track, “False,” it’s difficult to tell that the band only have one guitarist.

    Next, “Dante XXI” is more creative than most of Sepultura’s previous releases. The tribal drums and acoustic guitars are omitted, but a couple of the tracks (i.e. “Ostia”) feature (what sounds like) violins in the background. Plus, you know this has got to be a fairly creative C.D., because it’s a concept album! (The lyrics are based on Dante’s famous book, “Inferno.”)

    Finally, Derrick’s vocal performance is improved here. His yells still aren’t quite as powerful as Max’s growls, but, on the plus side, they are more decipherable.

    The first real song on here, “Dark Wood Of Error,” sort of brings Meshuggah to mind, because it has pounding, lumbering guitars and busy double bass drumming. The next track, “Convicted In Life,” begins with a ten second drum intro, before catapulting into buzzsaw guitar riffs. Other highlights include the machine gun, cascading riffs and fast, pounding drums on “City Of Dis” and “Fighting On,” the fiery, churning riffs and careening guitar solo featured in “Nuclear Seven,” “Repeating The Horror” (which ends with a catchy, rhythmic drum solo), and the explosive thrasher, “Crown And Miter.”

    All you need to know about this album is that it’s a great return to form for Sepultura; and as aforementioned, “Dante XXI” is the group’s best record without Max. My only gripe with it is that it’s kind of short (only 39 minutes), but, all in all, Sepultura sound very impressive and much improved!

    Posted on March 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album is deservedly getting great acclaim world-wide, but I feel compelled to add another 5-star review to the growing amount that are out there already.
    I can’t say enough good things about the album. I think it’s their best work since Arise (if not, dare I say, ever?).
    The band have had their critics since Max Cavalera left; a lot of people instantly disliked Derrick Green upon hearing Against, and hence decided not to give the following albums a chance. If you are one of these people, I strongly advise you to buy this album. If you are one of those who kept faith in the band, then you are reaping your just rewards.
    As much as I love the Derrick-era albums prior to Dante, I think this album is an amalgamation of all the best elements of its predecessors. It’s thrashy, it’s heavy, there’s a healthy mix of alternative instruments (the use of Horns, I believe!) and it is really creative.
    There’s also something a little extra in Dante; it’s dark. As a concept album, it draws inspiration from The Divine Comedy (the album is split into 3 sections; Hell, Purgatory and Paradise) both lyrically and artistically. There are some intense songs such as “Buried Words” in which you can decipher the book’s influence (if you’ve read it of course!) The art-work also draws inspiration from The Divine Comedy, with some top-notch work.
    In conclusion, this is an album that should have the begrudgers running back to the band in their droves (If you are one of them, there’s no shame in it!) as well as putting Sepultura back on the radar of metal heavy-weights where they belong. ….this is simply a great album. Buy it!

    Posted on March 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now